Five Star Coffee Roasters

Fired Up Blend


Notes: Smoked Cinnamon, Chocolate Cherries, Grapefruit
Roast: Medium
Honduran and Ethiopian Blend

"Fired Up" is dedicated to our firefighters.

A bold and delicious coffee blend inspired by the bravery and unwavering spirit of our local firefighters. The first time they visited our Roastery was after seeing light smoke coming from the back of the building (our roaster chimney), and since then, it's been a true love affair. This is their favorite blend and we are proud to dedicate it to them.

The unique taste profile of "Fired Up" is a perfect representation of the passion and dedication of our firefighters, with hints of smoky cinnamon, rich chocolate cherries, and bright grapefruit notes. Each sip will fire up your day and warm your heart, just like the heroes who inspired it.