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Pink Bourbon | Colombia


Notes: Strawberry, Guava, Fig
Roast: Medium
Farmer: Finca La Lina
Farm Elevation: 1450M
Region: Santa Rosa de Cabral, Risaralda, Colombia
Processing Method: Washed

Pink Bourbon is a rare varietal of coffee. Originally hailing from Colombia, this unique variety is distinguished by its pink-tinged cherries, a mutation that gives it its name.

When brewed, Pink Bourbon coffee offers a delicate yet vibrant experience, characterized by bright acidity, floral and fruit notes, and a rich, syrupy body. Its nuanced flavors make it a favorite among coffee connoisseurs who seek an extraordinary and sensory coffee journey. 

This Pink Bourbon is a single estate coffee from Finca La Lina, located in Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia. The farm's mineral-rich soil and numerous water springs contribute to the coffee's clean and balanced flavor profile.