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Women in Coffee: Deborah | Honduras


Finca Deborah
Tasting Notes: 
Cocoa, Caramel, Citrus
Roast Level: Medium Roast
Process: 56-Hour Honey Process
Producer: Cecilia Quan
Region: Santa Maria de La Paz, Honduras
Elevation: 1450M

A young mother, entrepreneur, and third generation coffee farmer, Cecilia originally trained to be a pharmacist in Honduras and spent time in the USA learning English. She felt her faith call her to return and go into the family business of producing coffee. In the more than five years of managing her coffee farm, she has mastered the honey and natural processes which give her coffee a distinctive sweet flavor profile.

For Women's History month this year, we are partnering with Grounds for Health for the whole month of March to donate all of the profits from this coffee fight and prevent cervical cancer in coffee origin countries.