Five Star Coffee Roasters

Sidamo | Ethiopia


Notes: Red Berries, Hard Candy, Juicy
Roast: Medium
Farmer: Uraga Collective
Farm Elevation: 1950-2150M
Region: Guji, Oromia, Ethiopia (SNNP)
Processing Method: Natural

Our "Sidamo" is produced by the Uraga Collective in the Guji region of Oromia, Ethiopia. This coffee is carefully grown at elevations between 1950-2150M and harvested during the months of October to January. The 7412 variety is processed using the natural processing method, resulting in a cup with juicy, red berry and hard candy notes.

Over 550 small coffee producers contribute their coffee to the Uraga washing station, where it is expertly processed to create this remarkable coffee.

Savor the rich, bold flavor of Sidamo and experience the true essence of an Ethiopian natural coffee.