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Process Trilogy - La Esmeralda - Honduras Single Estate


Introducing the La Esmeralda Process Trilogy – explore how the method of how the coffee cherry is removed from the inner coffee seed (washed, honey, or natural process) impacts the flavor profile of the cup.

Explore our single estate from our family farm nestled in the heart of the Comayagua region, Honduras. La Esmeralda, a recent addition to our family farms, showcases the exceptional results of our commitment to experimental processing and the pursuit of coffee excellence.

REGION: La Sampedrana, Comayagua, Honduras


VARIETALS: Caturra, Typica

HARVEST: December-March

In 2021, our family acquired La Esmeralda with a vision to advance the boundaries of coffee processing. La Sampedrana, situated in the Comayagua region, is a gem waiting to be discovered. Boasting high altitude, rich soil, and a unique cultural background, this under-promoted area provides the perfect backdrop for our pursuit of quality and innovation.

We take pride in presenting this Process Bundle, a celebration of the same exceptional coffee subjected to three distinct processing methods – Washed, Honey, and Natural. This trilogy allows you to savor the nuanced flavors and aromatic profiles that emerge from each unique journey:

WASHED PROCESS: Immerse yourself in the refined and clean taste of our Washed Process. Meticulously selected Caturra and Typica beans undergo a precise washing method, unveiling raisin, cocoa, and honey notes, with a crisp finish. This process showcases the meticulous care taken at La Esmeralda to highlight the inherent qualities of our beans.

HONEY PROCESS: Experience the harmonious fusion of sweetness and complexity with our Honey Process. Through this method, the beans maintain some of their mucilage during drying, resulting in a delightful sweetness of clementines, jasmine, and honeysuckle with a medium body. La Esmeralda's Honey Process is a testament to our dedication to crafting distinctive and memorable flavor profiles.

NATURAL PROCESS: Indulge your senses in the full-bodied richness and fruit-forward notes of our Natural Process. The coffee cherries are carefully dried with the beans inside, allowing for a deeper interaction between the fruit and the bean. La Esmeralda's Natural Process is a sensory journey, unveiling the robust flavors that remind us of raspbeery jame and mulled wine.

La Esmeralda is not just a farm. It's the next step in our journey of innovation and experimentation, a testament to the passion and dedication we invest in every cup. Join us as we share the artistry of coffee processing with the La Esmeralda Process Bundle – a trilogy of flavors, an aim for coffee excellence.

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Five Star Coffee Roasters exists to disrupt the coffee supply-chain across countries and cultures by supplying relationship-based coffee. We empower coffee drinkers, coffee farmers, and their communities.

We do this by expertly roasting and directly sourcing coffee from our family farms in Honduras as well as partnering with other coffee producing families around the world. We believe good coffee starts at origin and hope you'll notice the Five Star difference.