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Every morning deserves the perfect cup of coffee, but the hustle of daily life often leaves little time for brewing said perfect cup of coffee. Fear not! There are a few seamless ways to prep your coffee at home for the week without compromising on taste or quality. Let's explore four methods to prep your morining coffee for the week that will help you brew better coffee at home (even when you're in a hurry).

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Cold Brew Concentrate:
Cold brew's smooth, refreshing flavor makes it all around favorite, especially during warmer months. By prepping a batch of cold brew concentrate in advance and storing it in the fridge, you can effortlessly enjoy chilled or hot coffee ready-to-go.

Recipe: Combine coarsely ground coffee beans with cold water in a container, maintaining a ratio of approximately 1:4 (coffee to water). Allow the mixture to steep in the refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours. Once steeped, strain the concentrate to remove the grounds and store it in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Morning Routine: Dilute the concentrate with water or milk to your preferred strength, and add ice for an invigorating iced coffee or heat it up for a comforting hot brew. With cold brew concentrate on hand, you'll enjoy the luxury of a freshly brewed cup every morning, hassle-free.

Bodum 12 Cup Cold Brew Maker

Five Star Coffee Roasters Cold Brew Blend

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Pre-Portioning Your Coffee 

Method: Take the time to pre-portion your coffee grounds for the week ahead. Measure out your desired amount of coffee for each day and store them in individual airtight containers or bags.

Advantages: Pre-portioning ensures consistency in your brew and saves time during busy mornings. It allows you to simply grab a pre-measured portion and start brewing.

Note: Your coffee, your rules BUT we do not recommend grinding in advance as it will cause your beans and brew to lose flavor. For best coffee flavor, beans are best brewed freshly ground.

Tips: Use a kitchen scale to accurately measure your coffee grounds and experiment with different portion sizes to find your ideal strength. Store the pre-portioned coffee in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness throughout the week. 

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Coffee Subscription Service:

Selection: Sign up for a coffee subscription service. We deliver freshly roasted beans to your door on a regular basis - there are regular or rotating subscriptions available if you like to switch tings up. From organic, Bird-Friendly options sourced from our family farms to espresso blends, dark roasts, and flavored coffees, we have an option for everyone!

Advantages: You save money by subscribing and you never have to worry about running out of coffee. 

Prepping your morning coffee routine doesn't have to involve tedious grinding rituals. By taking a little time to prep your coffee in advance, you can enjoy convenience without compromising on taste, and savor the moments of that #firstsip each morning. 

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