Easy DIY Coffee Christmas Decor

If you're into DIY projects, it's time to spice up your holiday season with a touch of coffee-inspired creativity!

For obvious reasons, you don't want to use fresh coffee for any of these projects. That precious gold is... well, uh, precious... BUT if you happen to have any old coffee lying around the house or maybe someone kindly gifted you a bag of coffee from The Coffee Shop Who Shall Not Be Named 🧜🏼‍♀️  and the flavor profile was just not for you, here are some creative ideas for what you can do with those coffee beans instead:

Coffee Wreath:


Coffee Bean Christmas Wreather - DIY Coffee Decor - Five Star Coffee

Craft a unique and aromatic wreath using coffee beans and a foam wreath base. Attach the beans using hot glue, layering them evenly to create a stunning and textured wreath. Add a festive bow or ornaments for an extra touch, and hang your aromatic creation on your door to welcome guests with the scent of coffee and holiday spirit

Take this up a notch by turning them into:

Coffee Bean Centerpieces or Candle Display:

Coffee Bean Wreath - Coffee Bean Centerpiece Candles - Five Star Coffee

Elevate your table decor by incorporating coffee beans into your centerpieces. Add coffee candles, ornaments, or fairy lights for a festive touch. It's a simple yet elegant way to bring the holiday spirit and your love of coffee to your dining space.

Coffee Candles or Tea Lights

Coffee Tea Light - Five Star Coffee

If you're not into candle making, no problem! Bring the coffee and cozy together by combining coffee beans into a mug or vase and adding a simple tea light. 

Coffee Ornaments:

Coffee Bean Christmas Ornament

Infuse your Christmas tree with the rich aroma of coffee by creating cute coffee ornaments - just add coffee beans into empty ornaments. Keep them simple or add in other decor to spice it up. 

Coffee Christmas Trees:


Mini Coffee Christmas Trees - Five Star Coffee

Glue coffee beans to a foam cone to create a miniature Christmas tree made out of coffee beans! Keep it by itself or add it to a little pot holder. 

From wreaths to garlands, each project not only brings a festive touch to your home but also infuses the air with the delightful scent of our favorite drink. Welcome the holidays with the aroma of coffee beans and the warmth of handmade decorations!

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