What Christmas Looks Like on a Coffee Farm

Christmas on a coffee farm looks quite different than Christmases here in the US. Growing up on our family's farm in the highlands of Comayagua, Honduras, Christmases were spent working since harvesting coffee doesn't stop from December-March each year.

Christmas on a Coffee Farm  Christmas on a Coffee Farm

While we're not out harvesting perfectly ripe coffee cherries, we celebrate the holidays with three cherished traditions that bring joy and togetherness to our community around Christmas time.

Amidst the buzz, we take a moment to express our gratitude to the dedicated hands that make our coffee farm thrive. It takes many hands to run a coffee farm both during harvest time and the year-round care of the land and plants. We usually pass out a Christmas bonus – a gesture that goes a long way in acknowledging their efforts and spread holiday cheer.

Christmas on a Coffee Farm

A simple yet heartfelt tradition, we distribute Tamalera Boxes to workers and members of our community who live in the area surrounding the farm. Packed with all the essentials needed to make tamales, these boxes ensure that families can enjoy a festive Christmas dinner together with their family. It's a practical and joyous way to share the spirit of Christmas.

Coffee Farm Christmas Traditions Fireworks

Finally, we wrap up the evening with Fireworks. As the sun sets, the night sky on the farm comes alive with bursts of light and color. Fireworks signal the arrival of Christmas, creating a meaningful reminder of the light in the world. Everyone gathers to enjoy. It's a shared moment of wonder, bringing our community together under the night sky and the reason for the season.

While the harvest demands hard work, these festive gestures ensure that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well, fostering a sense of community and gratitude that extends beyond the fields.

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