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Coffee has been a part of our family for over five generations and we are proud to say that we have over 22 coffee producers in our family, all of whom share a passion for producing some of the finest organic specialty coffees in Honduras. Our family coffees come from the Comayagua and Marcala regions, both known for their exceptional coffee.

At our roastery, we annually roast 3 coffees from our family farms which are available year-round:

Finca Santa Lucia

Our most popular family coffee is Finca (Farm in Spanish) Santa Lucia, a washed medium-dark roast coffee from our grandfather, Raul Rodriguez. This is the coffee farm where Five Star owner, Nelson Rodriguez and his sister, Alejandra, grew up. 


We also offer a featured natural process coffee, Spotlight, from either Finca El Conejo or Finca Mira Flores. Both farms are owned and operated by our cousins Delmer and Joel Banegas Jr, and Joel Banegas Sr, respectively. 



All of these coffees are from the Comayagua region, where the combination of high altitude and volcanic soil produces some of the best coffee in the world.

In addition to these coffees from our family in the Comayagua region, we have also started an experimental farm in the Marcala region called The Marcala Project. The vision behind this project is to experiment with new processing techniques and to be able to teach these techniques to other small farmers. 

At the Marcala Project farm, we produce various experimental coffees which differ depending on the year. This past year, we produced an anaerobic honey that was included in our Highland Reserve line of exceptional coffees.

Honey Decaf

The Marcala Project is also where our Honey Decaf originates. This coffee is processed to fit a specific flavor profile using the honey processing method before it is sent to DESCAMEX in Vera Cruz, Mexico, for decaffeination, then imported to the USA.

Decaf coffee is often overlooked and some of the more inferior coffees are sent to be decaffeinated. However,  when we sent a nice, specialty honey process coffee to be decaffeinate for the first time as a bit of an experiment, we never imagined it would win a gold medal at the Golden Bean North America roasting competition in 2022. 

Roasting our own family produced coffees allows us to control the quality of the beans quite literally from seed to cup. We have a variety of roasts and profiles for each of our coffees, which allows us to showcase the unique characteristics of each bean and processing method.

Roasting Our Roots is important to us because it allows us to honor our family's coffee farming history and share it with the world. We hope that you will try our coffees and taste the love and care that goes into every bean. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Interested in trying our family coffees? Try our Sample Bundle or Family Bundle. 

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