Coffee is more than just a drink, for us it is a way of life.

Nelson Amador, the founder of Five Star Coffee Roasters, and Alejandra Gomez, the manager of Five Star Coffee Roasters, have a strong connection to the coffee industry. They both grew up on their grandfather Raul Rodriguez's coffee farm, Finca Santa Lucia, which is located in the remote village of Tres Pinos, Honduras. This family-owned and managed farm has a rich history and is dedicated to producing the finest specialty coffee beans.

Raul Rodriguez, a third-generation coffee producer, operates the farm and is dedicated to preserving the legacy of his father, Don Ermenegildo Rodriguez, one of the biggest coffee innovators of his time introducing varietals such as Yellow Bourbon, Typica, and Caturra to the region. He inherited this farm, which is surrounded by a cloud forest and surrounded by exotic wildlife, and has a vision for specialty coffee. With the help of his wife and three dogs, he happily lives and works on the farm, striving to produce the best coffee possible.

At Finca Santa Lucia, the coffee is grown in the Montaña de La Choca, a national mountain reserve, at high altitudes and in rich soil. The well-defined seasons in this region provide the ideal conditions for growing high-quality coffee beans. During the rainy season, the cherries mature to perfection, and the clear, dry season allows the coffee to be sun-dried after washing.

Raul is always pushing for better quality coffee and better quality of life for his workers. He farms new coffee varietals, such as Ovata and Pacamara, at the highest altitudes of his land and has a certified Organic and Bird Friendly farm, that serves as a habitat for many birds, including his favorite, the toucan.

During coffee harvest season, Finca Santa Lucia employs around 75 pickers and has 15 permanent workers who live on the farm with their families. Raul pays his workers the highest salaries in the region and is socially conscious, donating a portion of his profits from direct sales to help rebuild the local school in need of a kitchen and electricity.

Finca Santa Lucia is more than just a coffee farm, it is a family heritage. When you drink a cup of their coffee, you are not only enjoying a delicious drink, but also supporting a community and a family who are dedicated to producing excellent coffee and investing in a brighter future for the next generation of coffee production.

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