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If you're looking for the perfect coffee pairing with food, then look no further. Coffee and breakfast are the perfect combination that can set the tone for a great day ahead but finding the right pairing for your morning brew with your breakfast may feel like a stretch. With so many coffee roasts and breakfast dishes to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Here are some quick tips to help you find the perfect coffee and breakfast pairing:

  1. Match intensity: The intensity of the coffee should match the intensity of your breakfast dish. Pair bold, rich coffee roasts with robust breakfast dishes like bacon and eggs, sausage, or spicy breakfast burritos. Lighter roasts pair well with more delicate breakfast dishes like avocado toast, yogurt, and granola.

  2. Consider flavor profile: When selecting a coffee roast, consider the flavor notes of the coffee and look for complementary flavors between your coffee and breakfast. For example, a coffee with a fruitier profile like one of our natural process Honduran or Ethiopian coffees pairs well with a sweet breakfast like pancakes or waffles. A nuttier, chocolate profile coffee like a medium roast Colombian pairs well with a savory breakfast like eggs and toast.

  3. Think about textures: Pair creamy coffees like a latte or cappuccino with a crunchy breakfast like granola or toast. Pair coffee forward drinks like an espresso, Americano, or black filter coffee with a more creamy breakfast like scrambled eggs or oatmeal.

  4. Experiment: Don't be afraid to try new combinations. You might be surprised by how well a coffee and breakfast pairing you never thought to pair together actually complement each other. Try pairing our light roast Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with avocado toast or our Santa Lucia Family (Honduras Med/Dark Roast) with a breakfast sandwich.

    The possibilities are endless!
    Coffee with food pairing - light and sweet breakfast - five star coffee roasters
    For light & sweet pairings, try the Ethiopian Sidamo or our featured family organic, natural process coffee from Honduras, Spotlight.

    Coffee with food pairing - nutty and savory breakfast - five star coffee roasters

    For a mild and savoring pairing, try our coffees with a more nutty profile like the Colombian Excelso or our award winning, organic family coffee from Honduras, Santa Lucia.

    Coffee with food pairing - bold and robust breakfast - five star coffee roasters

    For bold and robust pairings, try our dark roasts with your hearty breakfast: Midnight or Havana Blend.

    If you're feeling adventurous, you can even try pairing your coffee with an unconventional breakfast dish. For example, add 6oz of cold brew to your favorite breakfast smoothie or pair a medium roast coffee with new recipe like a a breakfast quesadilla or a breakfast pizza.

    When choosing the perfect coffee and breakfast pairing to start day, consider matching the profile of the coffee with type of breakfast dish, look for complementary flavors between the coffee’s natural flavor profile and the breakfast ingredients. Think about flavor, texture, and most importantly, don't be afraid to experiment.

    Next time you're making breakfast, try experimenting with different coffee and breakfast pairings to find your perfect match.

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